MARA HALLBIOGRAPHYMulti-faceted actor, musician, teacher, writer and producer Mara Hallhas been burning the midnight oil as a new mother balancing her busy career, family, and health. As a woman of color who has been diagnosed with diabetes, Mara is a strong advocate for healthy living, self-care and being kind to yourself. Mara has also kept busy with her new OWN series “Ambitions,” which premiered on Tuesday, June 18TH, as well as producing and writing her own short film JUICY LADIES which has a close personal tie to herself and her family.


Ambitions” explores the sexy, deceitful machinations of love, power and politics in America’s hottest urban mecca, Atlanta, Georgia. The series centers around the intense rivalry between formidable legal eagles Stephanie Lancaster (Robin Givens) and Amara Hughes (Essence Atkins), former best friends from college who find themselves adversaries in both their personal and professional lives. Mara portrays ‘Darcy Lancaster,’ a mysterious relative that comes into town in the middle of chaos, with unclear intentions.


Mara’s short film JUICY LADIES tells the story of ‘Angie’ (Mara) who is struggling with her health, weight, finding her self-worth, as well as looking for love in all the wrong places. This film is a true passion project of hers as it tells a genuine story filled with laughs, the highs, and lows that come with life and looking for love. This projectis especially close to Mara because she too has been diagnosed with diabetes, and also lost her brother to the disease a few years ago.

Driven by her wide range of talents, from music to acting, Mara Hall began her career by first traveling down the path of music and eventually sharing her passion and skill by teaching. Her clarinet performance was so spectacular, she was awarded a scholarship to Cincinnati, ultimately receiving a Doctor of Musical Arts in Clarinet Performance. After her many musical accomplishments, she began teaching music to the youth from Detroit, loving everysecond of being an educator and even raising 13,000 dollars as their band director. However, Mara still found herself with the acting bug and received her doctorates from the University of Southern Mississippi. After receiving her credentials, she became involved in theater and took vocal lessons.


When Mara is not busy in front of the camera, or at home with her daughter, she can be found teaching in the classroom. As a Doctor of Musical Arts in Clarinet Performance, Mara is a fiercely loyal advocate for keeping music/arts programs in schools and teaching the next generation. With well over 20 years of performance experience and a long running resume of teaching at all levels including elementary, highs school, college and beyond, Mara’s passion for performance and teaching speaks for itself.